• Paint work that has been completed
  • A scooters body getting painted
  • A Ferrari that has been worked on
  • Work being carried out by our team
  • repair work being done on a Ferrari
  • A Ferrari being worked on
  • Car re-spray work
  • Close up of a re-spray work
  • A car getting ready for a re-spray
  • A car that has had primer applied
  • A car that has been re-sprayed orange
  • Line work being added to a scooter
  • A dent removed from a Ferrari
  • A scooter that is getting ready for paint
  • A scooter that has been painted white
  • A Ferrari that has been worked on

Expert Body Repairs in Littlehampton

Proudly Serving across Littlehampton and Surrounding Areas.


If you’ve suffered a car accident and you’re in need of repairs, choose the team at Dukes Motors Ltd. Our expert body repair services cover everything from small dent to major restorative works, and we want to get you back on the road as soon as we can. A courtesy car is often available, meaning you’re unlikely to be stuck for too long. Call now to see what we can do in Littlehampton, West Sussex!

Our Repairs

Body Repairs

  • Car Spraying

  • Dent Removal

  • Rust Work

  • Car Restoration for Old Vehicles

  • Minor Body Work

Alongside these works, we also offer services with our full-body jig. This is ideal for repairing chassis damage. Free quotations and advice are available, and you can get these by calling or emailing us.

We can also help with your insurance company, so once you’ve logged the claim, get in touch with us to arrange work!

Call us today for more information on the body repairs we offer after car accidents in Littlehampton, West Sussex.